About Me

Born in Roma in 1977, I discovered the mountains of the Apennines as a child, with the first Sunday trips away from the metropolis, and then travelled the length and breadth of the Apennines in my early adult years, in the company of friends from a close-knit local section of the Alpine Club. Photography entered my life early and since then it has become a tool to mediate and deepen my knowledge of the mountains and their nature.

Passion for the mountains and for nature in general is also, and above all, the reflection of an inner quest that has long been directed towards those invisible dimensions of the human being that find a possibility of manifestation precisely in his acting in harmony with the natural environment. Therefore, considering nature as a primordial revelation of the Spirit, I believe in nature photography as an instrument of elevation, investigation and testimony of those subtle links that unite man to the macrocosm.

I enjoy working with both digital (which I mostly devote to wildlife photography) and analog equipment, I took my early pictures on film and struggled to keep faithful through the years to the traditional photographic process which, I believe, exerts a fascination that would be difficult to explain and has a unique power to capture the very same light you saw in that particular moment.

I am co-author of Orizzonti Simbruini, an unprecedented journey into the nature of the Apennines, a volume which is my personal tribute to the mountains that nurtured my aspiration to contact with nature and adventure.

Thanks for being here, hope you enjoy my work.